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Mike's Aquarium Maintenance is a company specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of saltwater, freshwater & living reef aquariums and ponds. We also breed a unique collection of specialty fish.  Other services include aquarium relocation, aquarium overhauls, and aquarium equipment upgrades. 

We have been designing, installing and servicing all types of aquatic displays, ponds, and water features for both commercial and residential establishments since 1999.

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          MONTHLY         MAINTENANCE

Offering top-notch monthly aquarium maintenance services for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Our professional and experienced team ensures that your aquatic pets receive the highest level of care, keeping their environment clean and healthy. We also provide detailed service reports that cover water parameters, temperature, algae growth, and the overall health of your aquarium pets. With our access to the best products on the market and our commitment to education, we can help you maintain a thriving aquatic ecosystem.


Specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of saltwater, freshwater, and living reef aquariums and ponds. We also offer services such as aquarium relocation, overhauls, and equipment upgrades. With our professional and experienced team, we ensure a smooth and safe transition for your aquatic pets during the relocation process.

Breeder of Specialty Central & South American Cichlids

To include but not limited to:

Vieja Hartwegi

Vieja Bifasciatum

Vieja Zonatum

Vieja Synspilum

Vieja Breidohri

Vieja Argentea

Vieja Maculicauda

Herichthys Carpintis

Others coming soon

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