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Our vision for your aquarium is a healthy and beautiful artistic seascape with a variety of expansive, vibrant movement to be enjoyed by not only you, but the tank occupants as well. Simply creating living art aquatics.
When it comes to aquarium maintenance, our overall goal is to make sure clients enjoy the aquarium while we do all the work.
Aquariums require maintenance on a regular basis to make sure the fish are healthy, the equipment is running properly, and the aquarium is clean. Whether we’ve just installed your new aquarium or you have an existing aquarium needing service, we will establish a regular maintenance schedule that is convenient for you. Frequency varies but in most cases monthly, bi-monthly or weekly maintenance is recommended. A typical aquarium maintenance service includes:
* Partial/Full Water Change
* Water testing
* Algae clean up
* Replacement of filter pads/floss
* Skimmer maintenance
* Attend to any fish disease or other issues
* Attend to any equipment problems
* Fish food delivery (upon request)


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